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💥Good news! The Hague City Council will top up the crowdfunding campaign once we hit the 75% of the target amount! Just over 300 euros to go in 2 days. Donate a spray can and help us to the finish line!


Art for everyone

Hi, we are the Mauritshuis. That majestic museum, right in the center of The Hague. Maybe you've visited us before; we exhibit famous paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer. Those paintings are hundreds of years old. That makes them, besides breathtakingly beautiful, also quite vulnerable. They cannot withstand the sun, or outdoor air. Which is inconvenient, because as far as we are concerned, art must always be visible to everyone. That's why we're going to turn the whole city into a museum.

Will you join us?


What are we going to do?
We want to open up the walls of our museum and bring the art outside. Five phenomenal street art artists will create life-size murals, inspired by our paintings. They will paint them on different walls in The Hague. Day and night, for everyone to see (and without strict guards that think you are standing too close).


Collin van der Sluijs working on the Mauritshuis Mural at Lonnekerstraat in The Hague (Morgenstond).


What can you do?
We are almost ready to realize this amazing project, but for the last wall, we need your help. We need paint. Lots of paint. The last wall is the largest: at least 700m2! Donate a spray can and contribute to the first The Hague open-air museum.


Meet the artists

  • Nina Valkhoff has been making giant, colorful murals all over the world for 20 years. She has a great love for plants and animals. She prefers to paint endangered species, so that as many people as possible become aware of them.
  • Julien de Casabianca started Outings Project in 2014. Since then, he has been bringing paintings from museum walls to the street. He has collaborated with, among others, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Genève and the Elsene Museum in Brussels.
  • Collin van der Sluijs and Super A both come from Goes in Zeeland. They mainly work individually, but join forces for this project. Collin paints in a recognizable, 'baroque' style, Super A excels in hyperrealistic animal deposition.
  • For the fourth wall, we are organising an open call for street art talent. Local residents select three paintings from the collection of the Mauritshuis to inspire the street artists. Submissions will be assessed by an expert jury for and the public jury chooses the winning design. The winner will execute the design on the fourth facade.
  • We would also like to realize a fifth wall of no less than 700 m2 (that’s a flat with 16 floors!). And for that we need your help! Will you also donate a spraycan?

Make the largest mural in the Netherlands possible, in the Moerwijk district! The wall is 50 meters high and almost 15 meters wide.

About the Mauritshuis

Nowhere in the Netherlands can you find as many impressive paintings per square meter as in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Our museum houses a world-famous collection of masterpieces from the 17th century, Vermeers ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ being the cherry on top. This collection serves as the inspirational source for Mauritshuis Murals.


The Hague Street Art

We are realizing this project with The Hague Street Art, an organization that stimulates visual art in the public space. The Hague Street Art professionalizes street artist and fights vandalism.


Help us build the first open-air museum in The Hague. Donate a spray can! 


Thank you in advance!

€150 Donate Recommended Loterij: kijkje in het atelier! - Maak kans op deze unieke ervaring voor twee personen: een kijkje achter de schermen in het restauratieatelier van het Mauritshuis. Wat normaal achter gesloten deuren gebeurt, zie jij met eigen ogen! 6 donors €15 Donate 1 spray can  - Awesome! You will receive eternal gratitude and a place in our hearts. 149 donors €35 Donate 3 spray cans - Thank you for your donation! You will receive free entry for one to the Mauritshuis, where the artists' inspirations are visible. 19 donors €50 Donate 5 spray cans - Amazing! You will receive an official certificate of the spray cans you donated. 11 donors €100 Donate 10 Spray Cans - Fantastic! We would like to invite you to attend the festive moment when the wall is unveiled. 7 donors €150 Donate 15 spray cans  - You will receive a unique piece of wall after your free visit to the Mauritshuis. Sprayed by the creator of the first wall, Collin van der Sluijs! Your own piece of Mauritshuis Murals, a unique keepsake of your contribution. View the image in the text for a preview. 10 donors No longer available €300 Donate 30 spray cans - Together with a buddy you go on a bike tour along the five murals. A museum teacher accompanies you on the tour, and you’ll have a drink in the Brasserie of the Mauritshuis. Don't forget to bring your own bike! 1 donor No longer available €750 Donate 75 spray cans - Together with nine of your friends you get the VIP tour! We start in the museum with a walk along the inspirational sources of the mural artists. Followed by a unique bike tour along the five murals accompanied by a museum teacher and a drink in our Brasserie. Don't forget to bring your own bike! 1 donor €3,500 Donate 350 spray cans - We would be happy to discuss a suitable reward with you in the Mauritshuis.
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Groot nieuws!

21-06-2022 | 15:44 Lieve donateurs,  Groot nieuws! Deze week hebben we te horen gekregen dat de Gemeente Den Haag onze crowdfundingcampagne wil ondersteunen. Als wij, samen met jullie, de 75% behalen, vult de gemeente de rest van het bedrag aan! Fantastisch!  Naast de geweldige €8.113, hebben we nu dus nog maar €3.137 nodig om die enorme muur van 700 m2 (17 verdiepingen!) te kunnen vullen. Met nog 3 dagen op de teller gaan we hier vol voor! En jij toch ook? Help jij ons door de campagne nog één keer te delen, via Whatsapp of bijvoorbeeld LinkedIn? Als elke donateur één andere persoon enthousiast maakt om te doneren, dan is het bedrag verdubbeld en halen we ons doelbedrag ruimschoots! Jij helpt toch ook mee?  In de pers En nog meer mooi nieuws: vandaag staat de campagne in het AD!    Heel veel dank voor jullie steun, we zijn er bij́na!   Hartelijke groet,  Iedereen bij het Mauritshuis
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